There is no faster way to go from bare ground to a lush, thick lawn than laying sod!

Stafford Sod is a retail and wholesale outlet for quality sod products throughout the state of Virginia and available for local pickup at Stafford Nursery in Fredericksburg, VA, or delivered directly to your job site (please call for delivery options). We are dedicated to providing top quality sod products along with outstanding customer service, and at the lowest possible price to insure  you receive the best value. Our goal is that your sod project is a success!

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Virginia Daily Fresh Cut Sod

We Cut Our Sod Fresh Daily

Unlike box stores and other retail nurseries who typically receive their sod orders on a specific day, we cut our sod each day so that we can provide you with the freshest sod possible. This helps each of your sod sections to survive because the sod is not drying out and sitting on a pallet suffocating, retaining heat and developing molds.

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Sod Cut Fresh Daily

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Why Choose Sod For Your Next Lawn Project?


Sod Can Be Installed Anytime
As long as the ground in not frozen, sod can be installed. No longer is it necessary to wait for the right time of year to install your lawn.

Sod Is Less Work
A seeded lawn takes a lot of nurturing in order to establish a mature lawn. With sod however, once it’s installed, you simply need only water, mow and fertilize. This is because our sod is already a healthy, mature lawn that has been expertly grown to maturity when you put it down. This allows you to have a mature, healthy lawn in just a short few weeks.

Sod Can Be Used Practically Anywhere
Because sod is already established, it can be used on hills to stabilize soil. Additionally, unlike seed and straw, sod will stay in place on slopped areas or lawns that are not completely flat.

Sod Can Withstand Lots of Traffic and Use
With just a couple of weeks to become established, sod can be ready in just a short period of time in contrast to seeding. And if you’re looking to use your lawn for games, family play time or neighborhood cookouts, then sod is the obvious choice. Our blend of patented and specially developed sod is specially designed to stand up to heavy traffic areas.

Sod Is Environmentally Friendly
Acting as a filter and cooling agent, sod establishes itself quickly and begins to filer pollutants from our air and water. As a cooling agent, sod keeps the ground cool and helps retain moisture. Sod also prevents erosion and with its quick establishing qualities, large amounts of fertilizer are not needed.


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